Our Coffee & Tea Brands


Surprise your taste buds with the delicious range of instant coffee and coffeemixes or nutritious ginseng cereal by INDOCAFE. Enjoy the convenience of 2-in-1, 3-in-1 and 5-in-1 coffeemixes - just add water for a perfect cup every time. This outstanding range now includes unique Coffeemix Ginger and Coffeemix Ginseng, and Ice Coffeemix in original and strawberry flavours.


Tea lovers everywhere are discovering the convenience and great taste of MaxTea instant teas. With the same fresh, satisfying taste of a tea you have brewed yourself, MaxTea sachets are a simple and trouble-free way to make hot tea or iced tea in an instant.


The Farmland range of chocolate flavoured coffee come in three flavours that everyone will enjoy. Full and smooth, with a sweet taste and a rich aroma, these beverages are great treats for the taste buds.

The House of Robert Timms

Robert Timms coffee are made using traditional methods with the world's best coffee beans. The House of Robert Timms is the foremost roaster and blender of premium coffee in Australia and the Robert Timms name is synonymous with freshness and quality. Traditional and innovative - Robert Timms's individually sealed coffee bags is the convenient way to have a fresh cup of coffee on the go.

Roasted & Ground   
Robert Timms blend the finest Arabicas and the strongest Robustas. Roasted to perfection in Australia and vacuum packed immediately to give you an unsurpassable fresh-grounded goodness.

Coffee Bags
Each Robert Timms coffee bag is individually sealed, delivering the perfect cup of coffee to you hassle free.

Instant Coffee
Robert Timms source the finest coffee from around the world for its premium range of granulated and freeze dried coffees. Whether you prefer Rich & Smooth, Full-Bodied or Espresso, Robert Timms premium instant coffee offers extraordinary aroma and flavours.


An iconic Australian and New Zealand brand since 1937. Whether it's a rejuvenating start to the day or just taking a break and enjoying the moment, the motto of Bushells applies. - "A good, satisfying cuppa that's there when you need it."


A delicious rich and creamy Chocolate Malt Drink for everyone!

Java Cafe Latte

Canned Coffee Ready To Drink




Master blended from the finest cocoa complemented by the gentle flavours of fresh and natural ingredients. Vico yields a full-bodied aroma that enhances its delicious taste of creamy, chocolaty smoothness. Steaming hot or icy cold, Vico is made to be appreciated for its high nutritional qualities and its appealing aroma. Nonetheless, Vico contains an extensive range of incredible nutrition and enacting as one of the best breakfast drink on the market! Let's meet the goodness!

Grab a Vico, keeps you on-the-go! Try it today!


Suzuki Gourmet Coffee was founded in 1979 with the aim of offering the widest selection of fine roasted gourmet coffee in Singapore and the Asia region.

With a strong emphasis on quality, the company delivers the "Freshly Roasted" brand promise, and redefines the coffee drinking experience with its innovative range of product offerings. Many of the world's most exclusive beans, such as Blue Mountain, Mandheling, Kenya, Brazil Santos, Ethiopia Sidamo, Colombian Supremo and Java Arabica are included in our range of exquisite single origin and blended coffees.


True home blend that uses the finest Brazilian Arabica beans combined with the richness of Robusta, roasted and ground to perfection. Awake your senses to the fresh aroma from a true cup of coffee that zest up your day with the invigorating punch powered by Goodman. Savour the taste of home in every cup of coffee to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.