Coffee Glossary



Green beans are roasted by experts to bring out the flavours. Light roasts are generally sharper and more acidic while dark roasts produce fuller flavour with a bittersweet tang. Arabicas are generally light to medium roasted; otherwise they can begin to lose their delicate flavour. Robustas take well to medium and dark roasts which bring out their stronger flavours.


This is a mixing of varieties (different Arabicas, different Robustas) or species (Arabica with Robusta). A specialist mixes these to create an aromatic and flavourful blend.


Aroma, acidity and body are all components of flavour, which is the overall perception of coffee in the mouth. Experts will roast and blend for particular characteristics, for example smoky, nutty, sweet, earthy etc.


This is the smell or bouquet of the coffee and contributes to the flavour on the palate.


This the sought-after sharp taste of a good coffee.


Synonymous with richness of flavour and aroma.