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Tea lovers everywhere are discovering the convenience and great taste of MaxTea instant teas. With the same fresh, satisfying taste of a tea you have brewed yourself, MaxTea sachets are a simple and trouble-free way to make hot tea or iced tea in an instant.

MaxTea Tarikk

Enjoy the taste of your favourite Sarabat stall tea wherever you want it. MaxTea Tarikk is ready in an instant. It's fairly easy to prepare hot or iced MaxTea.

Packing per carton:
5 sachets x 25g x 24 boxes
20 sachets x 25g x 12 PE bags

MaxTea Lemon Tea

Tea drinkers are sure to enjoy the unique and refreshing lemon taste of this family favourite tea. MaxTea Lemon Tea is rich in vitamin C and you'll get a perfect blend every time by just adding water to the convenient sachets. It's easy to prepare hot or iced MaxTea. Available in boxes of 5 sachets.

Packing per carton:
5 sachets x 25g x 60 boxes

MaxTea Tarikk Ginger

MaxTea Tarikk Ginger tea is made from freshly brewed tea, providing you with a boost of energy from the tangy and spicy flavour of ginger. Enjoy your tea hot or iced, which can be ready in an instant with MaxTea sachets, for a wake-me-up at any time of the day.

Packing Per Carton:
15's x 25g x 24 bags