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Master blended from the finest cocoa complemented by the gentle flavours of fresh and natural ingredients. Vico yields a full-bodied aroma that enhances its delicious taste of creamy, chocolaty smoothness. Steaming hot or icy cold, Vico is made to be appreciated for its high nutritional qualities and its appealing aroma. Nonetheless, Vico contains an extensive range of incredible nutrition and enacting as one of the best breakfast drink on the market! Let's meet the goodness!

Grab a Vico, keeps you on-the-go! Try it today!

VICO 3-in-1 Original Chocolate Malt

When you are craving for a hot mug of delicious chocolate goodness, just reach out for a Vico 3 in 1 Original chocolate malt drink. Fast and easy to prepare. Vico 3 in 1 is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to meet your needs for a delicious yet nutritious beverage.

Packing per carton:
18 sachets x 32g x 24 PE bags